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  • 10 affordable cat beds
    During the colder months, even though our cats will be wearing their winter coats, they can still get the wrong side of nippy. So we’ve amassed ten of the most affordable yet cosy and warm beds, pods and hideaways to help keep your cat warm. *This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you…
  • How to keep your cat warm during the winter months
    Ensuring your cat keeps warm in winter is certainly a sign that you’re a kind and thoughtful cat owner. And I’m sure your furry friend will agree too. Do cats really need help keeping warm when the temperature dips in the winter months? Well, if the temperature is too low then absolutely they need help…
  • How to keep your cat off the Christmas tree
    The first year I put up our Christmas tree after we’d got our cats was, I’ll be honest, an absolute horror show. I’d spent a good couple of hours decorating the tree and it looked beautiful. The next morning I woke up to the majority of my decorations strewn across the floor and all of…

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