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  • Snoozing with cats
    Snoozing with cats is one of the most relaxing sleeps you can have. What’s more calming than the sound of that comforting purr as you drift off to the land of nod? But is catching a few zzz’s with your feline friend a good idea? Let’s find out. What can cats teach us about sleeping?…
  • Valentine’s gifts for cat lovers (plus free printables)
    Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift can be hard, right? Even more so if you’re looking for that something extra specially unique. If however your loved one is of the cat-obsessed persuasion, then fear not! We’ve got your covered with some purr-fect ideas for Valentine’s gifts for cat lovers. I’ve also added three free cat…
  • Cat wall art DIY
    I love me some cat themed wall art, in my bedroom/office I have quite the little collection going now. I made these cat Christmas tree decorations last year and I didn’t just want to pack them all away until the next Christmas, but wanted to enjoy them all year round. So I decided to make…

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