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  • Christmas present ideas for cat

    Christmas themed catnip cat toys

    These Christmas themed kicker toys are a great choice if you’re looking for gift ideas for your cat this Christmas.

    In a range of designs and in a pack of two, just remember not to put them under the tree until Christmas day as you know they’ll be unwrapped straight away otherwise! 😹

  • Cat gift box

    Cat toy and treat box for cats

    What’s the best way to say happy birthday to a cat? Well, you could get them a box of their favourite treats and toys.

    This treat box is 100% guaranteed to make your cat’s special day amazing. There’s a mix of handmade catnip cat toys in many fabric choices and some yummy cat snacks, even some cat stickers for you, win/win.

    A personalised message can also be added to the card 😻

  • handmade cat toys

    Personalised cat toy

    This amazingly cute handmade cat toy is a great little gift for your feline friend. Shaped like a fish and with its own bell attached, it is sure to bring hours of fun and excitement.

    What’s even better about this toy is that it can be personalised with your cat’s name and is available in a range of four colours.