Cat art for cat lovers

Cat art for cat people

Guys, you know I’m all about the cat art up in here. Well guess what, I’ve found forty of the most amazing prints, paintings and drawings of cats that you didn’t even know you needed!

As a cat lover, I love collecting cat themed items for my home and was on Etsy the other night whilst trying to get my little one to sleep and just WOW. I can’t believe how super talented all these sellers are.

So let’s get started, this is a biggy so give yourself some time to browse and I promise you will not be disappawted.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you love the products I found as much as I do and go on to make a purchase, I may get a small percentage. 

Rainy days illustrated wall art print

By LouDartDesigns

Cat illustrations

Meow black cat art print

By PrintsByLera

Cute Cat pictures
where to get free cat printables

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Rainbow Tail Cat print

By Drawntocats (I LOVE this shop name!)

rainbow cats

Siamese Cat Fishing for Goldfish print

By MrWatsonDesign

cute cat art prints

Personalised Bengal cat print

By PrintsOnMyWall

personalised cat portrait

Kitten dressed as cat print

By CassiaBeckCollage

cat art

Boho rainbow cat print

By FaeandMagpie

scandi themed cat art

Cat reading art print

By BooksnBobs

cat readin book with glasses on artwork

Ginger cat print

By Coramantic

ginger cat art

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Illustrated Art Print

By emiliedrawsthings

maneki neko lucky cat

Life is better with a cat print

By JackRabbitPrintShop

life is better with a cat

Giclee print ‘Stevie Wonder Niks’

By DavidHorganArt

cat art print illustrated

Funny black cat print

By RuxandCip

funny cat art

Crazy cat lady print

By JemmaBanksDesign

Crazy cat lady wall art

Giclee print geometric pattern with cats and gold leaf

By pinkijones

Geometric cat wall art

‘I don’t like Mondays’ print

By EmPrintsArtUK

Origami cat art print

By MeganDoesDesignStore

Cat Land print

By thenosuchdisco

‘Love Cat’ print

By KerenParmleyPrints

Black kitten print

By PeppaPotter

Monochrome Retro cat hand-pulled screen print

By FranWoodDesign

Cat types poster print

By RedGateArts

Stunned cat print

By MegJamieBeth

Stay wild moon child cat illustration print

By TheFoxAndFauna

Cat Meadow giclee print

By SianSummerHayes

Save The Bees print

By ilikeCATSshop

Funny Cat illustration print

By FrankieNormanDesigns

Tuxedo cat illustration print

By Fawa1

Cat Botanical Boho wall art print

By FeekaCo

Tuxedo cats in greenhouse giclee print

By TanyaRiarey

David Meowie Cat

By ChildstarSamantha

Peeking black cat

By StudioLuCo

Ginger Cat Sleeping on Books watercolor print

By MadeByCatnip

Personalisable cat and plants in the night art print

By StudioLuCo

Custom pet portrait

By joclarkdesign

The owl and the pussycat went to sea print

By Paperbarkshop

‘Like butter wouldn’t melt’ Black cat art print

By OddPeachPrints

Monet waterlily cat print

By TheWorldGallery

Monet cat poster

By TheWorldGallery

Personalised cat looking at birds outside window

By DesignedByLeanneShop

Well there we go! That went quick didn’t it. I hope you found something you love. Let us know which one(S) you chose in the comments.

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