Cat themed stationery supplies for cat lovers

Cat pens – Cat themed stationery and office supplies

Who doesn’t love cat themed stationery and office supplies?! And a big part of that is pens. So I’ve been looking and found some of the cutest cat pens to add to your stationery stash.

These will look great in your home studio, or perhaps you could use them at the office to shop off your love of cats and your kids will love them too!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you love the products I found as much as I do and go on to make a purchase, I may get a small percentage. 

Cat gel pen

by CreativeNotesLondon

Cat themed stationery and office pens

More cat gels

By Jollii

Cute square cat pens

Poker Meow pens

By ISpyKawaiiSupplies

Red, black and white illustrated cat gel pens

Stress relief paw pens

By binkybay

Cat clicker pen

By ISpyKawaiiSupplies

Illustrated cat pens stationery

Sunny side up kitty pens

By ISpyKawaiiSupplies

cute cat gel pens

Check out this post if you want more cat themed office and stationery ideas

Cute cat gel clicker

By ISpyKawaiiDesigns

cat pens

Cat paw pens

By ChewingGumStudio

Sequin cute cat heads

By Jollii

Cute cat themed school supplies

By MoshiMoshiUK

Cute cat gel pens

By ArtayasCutesyCrafts

Cute cat inspired anime writers

By AnimeVerseGifts

Fun cats

By ThePenporiumInc

Kawaii cat coloured gel pen

By ArtayasCutesyCrafts

Colourful cats

By ThePensnicketyCo

Paws and cats

By MoshiMoshiUK

Cat gel pens

By ThePensnicketyCo

Patch the cat

By ThePensnicketyCo

Black cat fine point writers

By Milkypanda

You’re pawsome!

How cool are you gonna look when you ‘accidentally’ drop your open pencil case and all these cute badboys spray all over the floor.

Let us know which ones you went for.

Oooh hey while you’re here. I have a cute cat notepad free printable so you’ve got something to actually write those important to do’s on. Take a look.

Cats for pen lovers

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  1. Sometimes being on a budget isn’t a bad thing because otherwise I would want all the cat stuff!

    This is a great round up!

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