Una’s birthday

Aww, my sweet little lady turned twelve this month. I decided to really spoil her this year as we had to say goodbye to her brother Geoff in 2020 and I know she still misses him, we all do.

Una and Geoff
Una and Geoff, about three months old

She deserved some treats so I did a mixture of handmade things and cool stuff I found on Etsy*

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you love the products I found as much as I do and go on to make a purchase, I may get a small percentage. 

Happy birthday Una!

Una woke up early as she does most days, quietly awaiting the noisy alarm that is my children. Once she knew I was awake she came and gave me a few headbutts and kisses.

My cat's birthday
Una a few days after coming home

We all went downstairs as usual, Una waiting for the kids to go first then attempting to trip me up on almost every step by wrapping herself around my legs. We wished her a happy birthday and I let her go back upstairs to bed so I could drop the kids at school and nursery and she could get some peace!

Una's birthday banner.

Una came down for her dinner as usual and she opened her presents. Oh my God, I’ve never seen her so excited! I can’t remember the last time she had catnip but she zoned out and froze after a while and I got a bit worried she’d OD’d.

Una's birthday catnip kicker

One of Una’s favourite gifts was this kicker toy she got in her birthday giftbox. I bought her the box from a shop called KittyCreativeCompany and OMG it was amazing.

Aside from the two little crochet sardines, everything here was in the box! (I made the banner myself though and you can see my tutorial here)

how to celebrate a cat's birthday. Gifts I got for Una's birthday

The sardines came from an amazing little shop called OrdinaryOctopus and they have some serious talent for crochet so go and check them out!

crochet cat toys for Una's birthday

I can’t believe Una is twelve now, it’s all gone so quickly. She’s been with us through three house moves, a wedding, kids, she’s helped me go through bereavement, the lot.

It’s been lovely watching her grown into such a soft and loving fluff bundle and I hope we have many, many more years to come with her.

A couple of months old waiting for her food

Happy birthday Una! We love you, pretty lady!

I’d love to know what you did for your cat’s birthday. How old are they this year? Let us know in the comments.

I’m already looking forward to Una’s birthday next year too! I’ve seen recipes for cat friendly birthday cakes 😹

Una's birthday
Una watching over me whilst I was pregnant with our first child.

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