cats I'm loving this month

Cats I’m loving this month April

Cats are cute, funny, magical, (mostly) friendly and just generally amazing aren’t they?

I love collecting cat themed items and finding cool new cats to follow online. If you’re here then I’m guessing you do too, right?

So here’s a few cats I’m loving this month

Over on Instagram I’m absolutely in love with so many cat accounts, here’s a couple of my faves 😻

I’m particularly in love with my cat pen holders. If you’d like to make your own you can find out how here

Salt dough pen holders

I stumbled upon this supremely talented lady, Ann Wood, when I was looking for a memorial sewing project.

Ann Wood Handmade is amazing
Image via Ann Wood Handmade

Please go and take a look at her website here, I promise you will not be disappointed. You may want to get yourself comfy as there’s just so much good stuff to browse through.

Cats I'm loving this month craft sewing cat

Ann has a wealth of projects on her website and I made this cute cat for my son using one of her templates. You can find it here and make your own happy cat too. Take a look at some of her other cats 😻.

stuffed cats
Image via Ann Wood Handmade

Next up in cats I’m loving this month is this teal sleeping pottery cat. I found this in the charity shop around the corner from our house. My favourite colour is teal and my favourite things are cats and sleeping so obviously I had to buy it.

Teal pottery Cats I'm loving this month

Another cat I am 100% adoring is my sweet, sweet Una. It’s her birthday next month and she’ll be turning 12.

I think she still looks like a kitten most days, wish I knew her secret. I’m thinking about having a mini party for her this year as she’s now into her 60’s.

Una, tortoiseshell 12 year old Cats I'm loving this month

Well there we have it, my favourite cat themed items from the last month. What/who have you fallen in love with this month? Please share in the comments.

Want some cat printables?

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