How to make your own cat wall art

Cat wall art DIY

I love me some cat themed wall art, in my bedroom/office I have quite the little collection going now.

I made these cat Christmas tree decorations last year and I didn’t just want to pack them all away until the next Christmas, but wanted to enjoy them all year round. So I decided to make something a little special with them to add to my cat themed décor.

Cat themed Christmas decorations

How to make salt dough cat heads

If you know what you’re doing with salt dough then you can get going straight away. If you need a quick reminder then check out my original post, ‘Cat Christmas tree decorations DIY‘ for the how to.

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So a couple of things you’ll need for this cat wall art project are;

  • Cat head cookie cutter
  • A picture frame (both box frame or standard will work)
  • Salt, flour and water
  • Your choice of paints
  • Blue tac, glue or sticky dots
Cat themed wall art DIY korocincocats

First up, decide how many of your salt dough cat heads you’re going to use in your picture frame. I used nine as the frame I had on hand fit them perfectly. Lay out your heads to check how they’ll look once completed.

Depending on whether you’re using a box frame or standard, you may need to take out the glass from the standard frame. I always use ‘Asda Home’ frames as the glass isn’t glued in so it just pops out. Please be careful with this.

Keep the paper and card that comes with the frame but turn it over so that there is a blank background. If you’re feeling fancy you could put some coloured card in as a background or perhaps some cool looking wall paper.

Cat rt UK Koro Cinco Cats

Then you simply need to stick your cats in a design of your choice. I went for a simple straight lines design but just go with your imagination. It’s safest to place the cats where you’d like them first and then stick them individually as you go, this will help you keep the pattern in line.

I stuck my cats with blue-tac as I’m hoping to use them again this year at Christmas, so keep that in mind when you’re picking which adhesive to use.

And there you go, your very own unique cat wall art.

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