December is National cat lover's month

National cat lovers month

It’s that time of year again when national cat lovers month rolls around. Every month is cat lovers month around here but December is the time to show off and appreciate just why cats are so awesome.

What makes cats amazing?

For a start they just look so cool! One minute they can appear all cute and fluffy and the next they turn into torturous hellcats.

They’re our friends. Our cats are there for us whenever we need them. They comfort us when we’re upset, make us laugh with their midnight escapades and they can even heal us when we are ill.

They’re soft. There’s nothing like stroking a warm fuzzball while you’re just relaxing watching the TV.

They purr. A cats purr is just the most magical sound and can raise a smile to most people’s faces.

In the UK, 27% of households own one or more cats, that’s some going! It won’t be long before they outnumber us and become our fluffy overlords.

Our favourite things about our cats

I asked around and here are the answers that some of my cat loving friends gave when asked what is the favourite thing about your cat.

National cat lover's month, why we love our cats.

How to show your cat you love them this national cat lovers month

The easiest way to show your cat how much they mean to you is by simply stroking them, talking to them and giving them affection.

It’s hard to say what’s the best method of stroking your cat for maximum happiness as different cats like different things. My cat for instance, really loves having her belly stroked but try that with my Dad’s house panther and you’re getting your hand bitten 😹

How to show your cat you love them.

My sweet guy Geoff, who we said goodbye to in 2020, used to absolutely love a headbump and in turn he’d show his love by washing my hair. His sister Una cannot abide headbumps or any human faces near hers at all.

Pretty much all cats love having their chin, cheeks and ears stroked so if you’re making new cat friends then these are the best areas to try first to get that purr motor going.

Cats love to play

Cats have an urge to hunt and chase. You can introduce scenarios in your home where your cat has to find an object or run down something.

You can really build on your relationship with your cat by playing games with them, either using store bought or home made cat toys.

How to show a cat you love them Korocincocats

Take a snooze with your cat

Snoozing with your cat is one of the most bonding and relaxing snoozes there is. A lot of cats love to snuggle and get close to their owners. In turn for us, it releases endorphins and there is also some very interesting research on the healing benefits of a cats purr.

While I was pregnant with my first child, I was lucky enough to be in a position were I could rest when I needed to. My cats (Geoff was still with us then 😻) absolutely loved this and we’d all happily snooze away a few hours together each day.

Snoozing with cats

Book a check up for your cat

Your cat’s health is as important to keep on top of as your own. But I’m pretty sure most cat owners look after their cats better than themselves, am I right?

Why not make December the month each year that your cat goes for a check up with the vet.

Treat them to some new things

Cats don’t need a lot of fancy toys and equipment, but it’s a good idea to give them a selection of things that they can call their own. Even more so as National cat lovers month falls in December, you’ll most likely be on the hunt for their Christmas gift, too.

We have a selection of affordable cat beds if you feel yours could do with a refresh. Here’s some ideas of other gifts for your cat might enjoy and lastly I have an article about Christmas gifts for cats and their servants 😻

Happy cat lovers month to all.

So there we go, I hope you and your cat(s) enjoy your month long catfest. Let us know what special things you do for your tiny tigers for cat lovers month.

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