10 affordable cat beds

During the colder months, even though our cats will be wearing their winter coats, they can still get the wrong side of nippy.

So we’ve amassed ten of the most affordable yet cosy and warm beds, pods and hideaways to help keep your cat warm.

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Affordable cat beds that will kep your cat warm. Korocincocats

Wilko Teddy Bear Cat Bed

I’d actually like one of these fluffy cat beds for myself. I wonder if they make them in human sizes.

Felt Cat Den for Shelves

Aww how cool is this little den? Your cat is sure to feel safe and warm in this.

Cat shelf bed Korocincocats
Affordable cat caves to keep your cat warm Koro Cinco Cats

Cat cave

This is a great choice to keep your cat warm and comfortable. With a cushioned interior and cord finish, it’s actually pretty fancy.

Luxury cosy cat bed

Well this guy sure looks comfy in his bed, doesn’t he?

This cosy cat bed also comes with a toy inside.

Fluffy cat beds with a roof
Knitted beds for cats

Chunky knitted cat nest

This Knitted bed is great because not only can it be a comfy walled nest, but it also lays flat so your cat can use it as a rug.

Spotty clamshell cat bed

This soft and fluffy cat bed comes with a removable cushion.

Fluffy cat bed
Box cat beds

Cat lounge box with scratcher

This box cat bed is pretty cool, right? It has a scratch pad on the front and the lid can be removed too!

Cat den pod

These pods look so comfy. Your cat will feel safe and snuggly in this plush lined felt pod.

Affordable cat dens for winter Korocincocats
Comfy dens for cats

2 in 1 comfort den

This little den is great for cats, giving them somewhere to hide themselves away and have a little snooze.

It can also be laid flat to be used a snuggly blanket.

2 in 1 cat cube bed

This cube hideaway can convert into a fluffy bed, ideal for your sweet house tigers.

2 in 1 cat bed

Other ways to keep your cat warm in winter

Check out our post below on how to keep your cat warm during winter months.

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