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How to keep your cat warm during the winter months

Ensuring your cat keeps warm in winter is certainly a sign that you’re a kind and thoughtful cat owner. And I’m sure your furry friend will agree too.

Do cats really need help keeping warm when the temperature dips in the winter months?

Well, if the temperature is too low then absolutely they need help to keep warm. It’s said that a temperature of 7 degrees and below is when cats may encounter problems if they are out for too long. They can suffer with frostbite and hypothermia.

With that in mind, cats do have their own heating system in that they grow their winter coats. Much like us adjusting from our summer wardrobe to our more cosy autumn and winter outfits. Cats grow a thicker coat in the winter season to help them keep warm.

How to keep an outdoor cat warm during snow.

This coat is actually an undercoat, or your could think of it as a few thermal vests. It’s fluffy and compact and when the spring comes they simply shed it again all over the house. Regardless of whether your cat is an indoor cat or outdoor adventurer, they both grow a winter coat.

How can I keep my outdoor cat warm

An outdoor cat will most likely adjust their routine during colder periods. They’ll actually prefer to keep themselves busy indoors.

My childhood cat would only go out for a piddle and poop then come straight back in again! However, it’s still important to think about having somewhere outside where they can have some shelter.

How to keep your cat warm during the winter months Korocincocats

It’s a good idea to have a little ‘house’ outside for your cat. Whatever that may be, you could use a specially made wooden cat house, a roofed litter box under a tree or even a carboard box in your shed. Inside these you can place blankets for extra warmth. Ensure the shelter remains dry and is away from wind.

If possible, leave the door to your shed ajar or perhaps if you have a playhouse for your kids then you could set up a warm spot for them in there (the cats, not the kids).

Shelter for cats outside

Our cat is a housecat but we have a few neighbourhood cats who visit our garden so I set up a box and blankets in our children’s playhouse.

If your cat comes in from outside after it’s been raining or snowing then it’s important to dry them off as quickly as possible. Just imagine trying to get yourself warmed up with wet clothes, it’s hard, right?

Places your cat can find warmth inside the house

My cat Una has noticed that the central heating pipes run underneath my son’s floorboards near his bookshelf. So she can often be found there when we have the heating switched on.

When your cat is inside, they will naturally gravitate to the warmest spot themselves. But you can dart a few options around the home to give them plenty of choice. Something as simple as extra fluffy blankets on the their bed (if they have one, my cat just prefers our bed) can really make a difference.

Ideas to keep a cat warm when it's cold

Save the carboard boxes those Christmas present deliveries came in and add a cushion and some blankets inside. You don’t have to spend a lot on a new bed to be able to provide options for your tiny tiger. Check out this list of 10 affordable cat beds.

I saw an ingenious idea on the Cats Protection website recently where they’d made a little snooze area with a t-shirt and a carboard box. This is a brilliant idea for making your cat feel safe, cosy and warm.

During the colder times, an added bonus is that your cat will enjoy snuggling with you more than they normally would. You’re their own personal hot water bottle, and you should be honoured!

I hope you’ve found a few tips on how to keep your cat warm during the winter months, let us know if you have any more to add.

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