What are the benefits of sleeping next to your cat. Korocincocats

Snoozing with cats

Snoozing with cats is one of the most relaxing sleeps you can have. What’s more calming than the sound of that comforting purr as you drift off to the land of nod? But is catching a few zzz’s with your feline friend a good idea? Let’s find out.

    What can cats teach us about sleeping?

    Cats are master snoozers as we know. They can be sleeping anywhere from twelve to twenty hours a day (yeah, I’m jealous!) So a lot of lessons can be learned from our cats about the best ways to snooze.

    Have you ever noticed the crazy shapes your cat gets into when they’re sleeping? This shows us that the we can get some good sleepy time by getting as comfortable as possible. Whether that means hanging off the settee or curled up into a ball, whatever makes you feel the most relaxed.

    Our feline friends know the best snooze spots, find yours

    Although we’re not be able to fit between the back of the settee and the radiator, we too can find new places to snooze. You don’t always have to sleep on your bed. If you have and outdoor cat then why not curl up with them on your sun lounger. Maybe the armchair you usually watch TV in could double as an afternoon nap spot.

    Is sleeping with cats healthy KoroCincoCats

    Is sleeping next to your cat healthy?

    Cats are great stress relievers, the simple act of stroking your cat has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. If your cat is a snuggler then wow, take advantage of that little love bug.

    The biggest benefit of course is something that we often take for granted about cats, their purr.

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    Studies have shown that a cats purr helps them to heal when they are unwell, it provides comfort when they are stressed and can even help with bone renewal. There’s reason to believe that this magical purr can also be transferred to us as their human servants, sorry, owners.

    Do cats lower blood pressure

    What are the benefits to snoozing with cats?

    Insomnia If you have trouble drifting off at night because your mind won’t switch off, your cat can act as a fluffy sleep aid. Cats are generally pretty chill, so when you have one lying next to you purring away, the only result is less stress and more relaxation for you too.

    Relaxation Snoozing with cats is one of the best ways to relax. So next time you need a bit of shut-eye, grab your cat and let the peaceful snoozes begin.

    Do cats like when you fall asleep with them? Koro Cinco Cats

    Bonding Your bond with your cat will become stronger if your regularly snooze with them. The fact your cat feels comfortable enough to share their time with you like this is a great sign that your cat trusts you. This will strengthen your bond more and more over time.

    Heat Cats are hot water bottles. In the cooler weather, my cat likes to sleep under the covers.

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    Snoozing with cats is the way to go!

    So there we go, snoozing with cats leads to good things, physical and mental health are improved and renewed. Your relationship is boosted with your cat and you’ll always have a little buddy to take five with.

    Plus you’ll find new and interesting ways to catch those zzz’s.

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