How to keep your cat cool

How to keep your cat cool

Cats are cool, we all know that. But how do you keep your cat cool when the weather heats up?

With the British summertime already underway, it’s getting quite uncomfortable from time to time and that’s just us humans.

Let’s look at some ways we can help to cool down a cat.

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So how do you keep your cat from overheating?

Here’s a few cool tips (pun intended)

  • Cooling mats. If your cat(s) refuse to sit on these, consider putting them inside a pillowcase and placing in a cardboard box, some cats also prefer a newspaper placed on top. We all know cats can’t resist a good box 😹
  • Damp towels for them to lie on
  • If you only have carpeted floors, consider purchasing a few cat size ceramic tiles and leave them in different areas. These feel lovely and cool.

Ensure they’re drinking enough

  • Have more water bowls available than usual
  • If your cat doesn’t like drinking straight from a water bowl (ours doesn’t) then you can mix water in with their wet food. Not recommended for dry food or biscuits as it can puff them up.
  • Let your tap drip a little in the bath. Our old cat Geoff much preferred drinking from the taps in the bathroom more than anywhere else.
  • Get a cat water fountain. This one has great reviews in my cat groups 😻
  • Consider putting a few ice cubes on the floor. Some cats enjoy tapping these around and playing with them and may also lick them too.
cat sunbathing in garden

Keep the home cool and/or provide shade outside


Leaving your curtains or blinds closed all day prevents your home from warming up from the sun’s rays coming through the glass. There are varying opinions on whether you should keep your windows open or closed. Closed supposedly prevents warm air circulating around the home. But in our house, we’re lucky enough that if our front and back windows are both open, it creates a cooling wind tunnel. So just experiment with your own.


A frozen bottle of water or an ice tray in front of the fan works well to spread cool air.


If your garden does not get much shade, consider places you can create some. Perhaps a towel over some chairs. Put your parasol up if you have one or even a tent. Also don’t forget to have water available outside too, ensure this does not get too hot by placing ice cubes in, from time to time.

keeping your cat cool in summer

Cats are cool, let’s keep them that way

So there we go, I hope you’ve found a few ideas you can use at home for your feline friends. Cats are great at knowing how to look after themselves and will generally know when to move out of the sun and seek a cooler place but it’s always good to give them a helping hand isn’t it?

Do you have any other ideas that you use for keeping your cat cool during hotter days? Let us know in the comments.

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