How to find the best Facebook groups for cat lovers

The best Facebook groups for cat lovers.

Sometimes we just need to look at cats on the internet. And sometimes we just need to talk about cats on the internet. And sometimes we just need to talk about and show off pictures of our own cats on the internet.

And in order to do this…..

You need to know the best Facebook groups for cat lovers!

Let me help

The cat groups on Facebook are a great place to go and hang out (is that the right term?).

On any given day you can find such a diverse range of posts from cat lovers all around the world.

Just today we’ve had a lady who was on her delivery route who just so happened to find a little kitten out in the road in the middle of nowhere, I love these kind of posts and really hope it’ll happen to me one day 😹😻 There’s been a few help posts; what to feed a new kitten etc. And sadly a couple of Rainbow Bridge posts too.

How to find the best Facebook groups for cat lovers.

How to find the best Facebook groups for cat lovers

If you’re like me then I bet you’ve struggled in the past to find the best Facebook groups for cat lovers. It took me a while to find ones I like and feel comfortable in.

Let me share my favourites with you before we look at what makes a good group.

Catspotting Society has a great mix of people from around the world

Crazy Cat Lady Group tends to be mostly posters from the US. Being in the UK, this group really interests me as it seems like every other day people are finding either random kittens out on their own or they discover a queen about to give birth under their house 😹

The best Facebook groups for cat lovers

Cat Chat Uk is, I’m sure you can guess mostly UK peeps but they do have members from all over the world too.

All things cat uk

All Things Cat UK is of course UK based too but again. There are worldwide cat lovers in this group.

What makes a good Facebook group?

I’ve joined and left many groups on FB. Not just cat groups but pretty much any and all groups can have their members who can just get that little bit too catty (pun intended).

A bad group is usually a mix of too many bad eggs and admins not being able to keep up, or not keeping up at all. Some people just love to bring others down online, they like to think they know it all.

A good group is a treasure trove of cat related content.

There are no stupid questions

A sign of a good group is that members are not afraid to ask questions, no matter their knowledge of the subject. It’s awful to watch someone getting ripped apart with commenters when they’re simply asking for help.

✔ It’s a community

Sadly, at some point we all have to say goodbye to our fur babies. But knowing that you can post in your Cat Group and get sympathy, compassion and kind words from likeminded people is extremely comforting.

All the groups I’m in, when someone announces a loss, the community comes together to let them know they’re not alone. Whether that’s writing a thoughtful comment, giving advice or simply pressing the ‘care’ button, it’s a big help.

✔ There’s no flouncing

How to find the best cat Facebook groups

I haven’t seen it in a while, I guess I’m just in some great cat groups these days. But do you remember when people used to announce that they were leaving a group? I felt bad for them but also, why announce it 😿

Excess flouncing, no matter how amusing the flounces are, is really a sign of a bad group

Your clowder is out there

So it takes a while to find the right group for you, but the great thing is there is no shortage of Facebook groups for cat lovers!

While we’re on Facebook, there are a couple of supermarket cat pages that I follow too. I’d highly recommend taking a butchers, especially if you’re in the UK!

What’s a supermarket cat?

Take a look at my article on the gorgeous ‘Molly the Tesco cat‘. Since I discovered Molly, I have found a further three of these amazing supermarket cats 😻

The best Facebook groups for cat lovers
Best supermarket cat groups on Facebook
How to find the best cat groups on Facebook

I just realised that all of these sweet babes love to hang out at Tesco 😹 I wonder what’s so special there, I’m more of an Asda gal, myself.

Is Koro Cinco Cats on Facebook?

Why yes, I’m glad you asked. You can find us here. Inside our Facebook group there are lots of cat memes, I share our articles from here and any other cool cat finds I stumble upon.

Fast cats
The illusive Dark Knight

There’s also my growing collection of neighbourhood cats, I’m still trying desperately to get a shot of my friend The Dark Knight but he’s too fast for me 😹

So there you go, I hope you’ve found a couple of groups you like here. I’d love to know if you have any cool groups so let us know and link in the comments 😻

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