Cat themed Christmas gift guide

Christmas gifts for cats and their servants

Well it’s nearly Christmas and if you’re looking for some cat lover’s gifts along with some cat gifts then boy, have I got a list of the best for you!

So let’s get started with a full whack of those gorgeous cat themed Christmas gifts.

Here’s to a cat themed Christmas

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you love the products I found as much as I do and go on to make a purchase, I may get a small percentage. This is at no cost to you or the seller.

These wooden hanging cat decorations would make a great addition to your Christmas Tree. Maybe you are wanting to remember a special cat or kitten or perhaps you just love felines! These Oak Veneer decorations can be personalised with a name and they would make a great gift or stocking filler for Cat Lovers!

Find these cat decorations here

Gifts for cat lovers

The pawfect gift for a cat mum this Christmas! Features fun cute ugly Christmas pattern and photo of her cat/cats.

Grab your ‘The best cat mum ever’ t-shirt

Personalised pet socks

Ahh, how cool are these personalised pet socks.

Simply upload a picture of your cat and they can be immortalised forever to wear on your feet!

Get your cat socks here.

Coffee mug for cat lovers

I know you have a thousand cat themed coffee mug already, but why not add just one more to your collection.

This cat lover’s coffee mug with ‘Sorry I can’t, I have plans with my cat’ will look great under the tree this year.

Available here

Christmas gifts for cats

Your cat will love you this year when they notice they have their very own personalised Christmas stocking!

Get your personalised stocking here

Apparel for cat lovers

This beautiful scarf will be the envy of all the gift givers at your Christmas gathering.

Made from cashmere and boasting some super fancy cat illustrations, your cat loving friend will love it.

Get the scarf here

Christmas books for children

Here we have a super cool Christmas book for kids (if I do say so, myself).

It is my first published book and I’m super excited about it.

Find Geoff and the Christmas trees here

Cat baubles

I’m obsessed with cat baubles at the moment and I’ve put together some of my faves for this year.

Why not take a look too and find your next wowzer cat themed Christmas bauble.

Gift ideas for cats

Your cat will absolutely love this cat treat box this Christmas (or any time, really).

With a selection of biscuits, treats and a toy too, this is the ideal gift if you’re struggling for ideas of what to put under the tree for your feline friend.

Find the cat treat boxes here

Cat Christmas gifts

These memorial pet baubles are both heart-breaking and joyful at the same time.

You can display them each year to remember your cat and also put some of their fur or whiskers inside.

You can find them here

Christmas toys for cats

These catnip gingerbread man toys are the perfect little toy treat, don’t you think?

There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than the sight of a cat trying to disembowel a poor defenceless gingy.

Get your catnip gingerbread man here

Cat coffee mugs

These cat coffee mugs are an easy choice for the cat lover in your life.

I just love the illustrations on these.

Get your cat mugs here

Cat ornaments

These fabulous concrete cats make an ideal gift for any Cat lover, beautiful concrete accessories for your home.

Find your cat ornaments here

Cat Christmas tree ornaments

These personalised cat Christmas tree ornaments are a great choice to add to your tree this year.

With over 30 cats to choose from you are sure to find the right fit for your furry friend.

Find your cat tree decoration here

Gifts for book lovers

This is a great choice for the book lover in your life. I just love the quote on this 😻😹

‘That’s what I do, I read books. I drink tea and I know things’

This sign is metal and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Find yours here

Cat candles

These sweet and cuddly little cats are just perfect for those that love a good candle.

If I were to be gifted one of these grumpy cat candles I’m not sure I’d ever light it though!

Get your cat candle now

Cat brooch

Check out this wonderfully sparkly cat brooch. This is perfect with any outfit or could even be attached to a bag or purse.

You’re welcome!

Find this cat brooch here

Christmas card for cat lover

The illustrations on this cat themed Christmas card are just beautiful. With ’tis the season’ in the middle of these cute cats it will look great on any mantel piece.

Find your cat Christmas card here

Christmas gift ideas for cat

This cat tower will make a superb gift for your cat.

There’s places to sleep, rest and play and it will keep your cat happy for years to come.

Find your cat tree here

Microchip cat feeder

This cat feeder is just perfect for when you’re out all day. It connects with your cat’s collar or chip and opens when they come to it.

The perfect way to ensure your cat remains happy throughout the day and doesn’t start messing around knocking all your ornaments over!

Get yours here

Gifts for cats

This cactus themed cat tree is just a real talking point.

Not only will your cat love it, but it will look great in your home.

Find this cactus cat tree here

Exercise wheel for cats

The ‘Cat Track’ is the ideal choice when thinking about exercise equipment for your cats.

Great for indoor and outdoor cats alike.

Find your Cat Track here

Gifts for cat lovers

I love this cat ornament. How cute is this little fella making friends with a butterfly?

You can find it here

This 1000 piece cat jigsaw will certainly keep somebody busy well after Christmas!

You can find this cat lover’s jigsaw here

Picture frames for cats

Aww how cute are these Cat themed Christmas tree decorations. What’s even better is you can put photos of your cat in there!

Find yours here

Cat themed coffee mugs

Check out this personalised cat themed coffee mug!

Available in black or pink and it even has a matching coaster.

Find yours here

Christmas gifts for cats

Look at this Christmas themed treat box for your cat, you’ll be on the nice list for life with this badboy!

Find your cat treats here

Cat themed art

Nothing beats some good cat themed art, am I right? But just look at this amazing piece.

An interesting take on ‘The Scream’.

Find yours here

Have a cat-tastic Christmas!

I do hope you’ve loved looking through the cat themed Christmas finds and you’ve managed to get through a lot of your list.

Enjoy X

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