cats need jobs too

Cats need jobs too

My cat Una is a housecat, she’s only ever been out once her life and funnily enough she came back covered in spiderwebs­čś╣ I’d love to know what happened.  This was a considered decision for me as throughout my life, the family cats we had owned and loved (except one) had all met their end at the hands of a car.

I couldn’t face the uncertainty having an outdoor cat brings

Will they be poisoned/stolen/mistreated etc. while they’re out adventuring. There’s been so many report of abuse against cats in our town I just didn’t want to risk it. 

Tortoiseshell cat relaxing. Cats need jobs too!

So yeah, whatever your opinion on indoor v’s outdoor cats, there will always be supporters of both sides. I believe that Una has a great life indoors. Yes, she can be quite clingy and extremely chatty but that’s one of the bonuses of having an indoor cat and we love it.

ideas for your housecats

Una has her own routine and has allocated herself tasks and jobs to help keep the house running smoothly. One of my cat’s jobs is to ensure we get up on time for work and school.

Una is also ‘Boss of recycling’ which first became evident after the purchase of my mug press. I had a lot of cardboard boxes hanging around the living room. She decided to help out by ripping them up into small pieces, I guess her rational was that it’s easier for us to take to the recycle bins this way. 

cute cat ripping up cardboard boxes.

One of Una’s other self appointed roles is towel boss, she doesn’t like mess and likes to keep the bathroom neat and tidy so she reminds us that we should always hang the towels back on the radiator once we have used them, by the simple act of urination. If a towel is left on the floor, accidentally or otherwise, she will wee on it as a lesson to never leave it like that again.

As you can see from the photos, Una does not enjoy posing, she gets very nervous when I bring out the camera and freezes to the point of looking like some form of taxidermy. 

I’d love to know what jobs your cat/s do to help. Let us know.

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